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Chasing Dion Tiu

Dion Tiu is the name of the guy who holds the current long standing world record for best time on minesweeper expert and intermediate. This video gets a little epileptastic toward the end, but is still kinda cool 'n worth watching.

This is the video of Dion Tiu's record setting game, in which he beat his previous best time (the former world record of 38 seconds) by like 2/10s of a second or something.

::sigh:: I've recently been honing my ability to play without flagging, a challenge I long took to be hopelessly unrealistic and inarguably beyond my reach. I've since come close to beating my flagging record in non-flag mode (and in a few cases, had I not died toward the very end of the game, come close to beating it by 10 seconds or more). When I get some time and inclination, I'll upload and post a couple'a choice clips of my best recent attempts and most crushing defeats. The idea, once I've perfected my non-flagging game, is to work on reincorporating use of flagging back into the game but to a limited purposeful degree, where strategic placement of specific flags would allow me to open multiple squares simultaneously in one click which would otherwise need to be uncovered individually.
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