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Well there goes the neighborhood... (& by "neighborhood", I mean, of course, "my face").

Just took another Keflex®. I have to take one every 6hrs. for the remainder of the week, provided the plastic surgeon who stitched me up Saturday finds the sutures to be healing normally when I go in for a follow-up tomarrow. I'm actually somewhat more concerned about my broken teeth, and the extent of the work they'll likely require... and the cost of that work, given my current uninsured status. I'm beginning to tire of my inability to chew anything remotely solid; it's getting very, very old.

I'm also worried about eventual scarring; I scar very easily. Minor scrapes linger visibly for months after they've healed. The guy who sewed my chin back together was highly competent, seemed very good at what he does, but... without the aid of collagen injections somewhere down the road, the shape and symmetry of my chin will likely have been permanently changed. I was not pleased to receive this news. Receiving this news filled me immediately with the strong urge to smoke, something highly detrimental to the final cosmetic outcome of the wound healing process. Not surprisingly, just about every effect that smoking cigarettes has at the cellular level leads to darker, thicker, & more extensive scarring. ...Knowing this, of course, makes me really crave a cigarette.

Incidentally, and somewhat ironically, I was totally stone-cold sober when I flew off Rian's bike. Had I attempted to make my way home that night at a more "responsible" hour this would not have been the case.

...I kind of feel the need to gripe. I think, however, most of this should probably be kept for private post.

*[4/27/10] ...So after following up w/ the plastic surgeon, Dr. "Frighteningly Steady Hands" Khan, and seeing my dentist (3 temporary crowns for the next 2wks while the real ones are getting made), I feel a lot better about how things look. My jaw (miraculously) did not fracture, and so far at least I seem to have (also quite miraculously) escaped any obvious nerve damage. So "Go Me!".

...Kind of totally fucked up my semester though, which was riding heavily on a perfectly executed finals week performance. That situation is, however, ultimately remediable, whereas a complication-ridden healing process would not have been.

So. Given the host of alternatives, I'm actually relatively pleased with the situation at present. I do still wanna write about all the totally awesome, bone-scrapping, tooth-shattering, muscle-shearing, gland-ripping gorey details though, while thinking about it still has me feeling like a total badass. I will when I'm less sore and tired, cause seriously it was pretty fucking intense.

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