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paintedglass's Journal

30 August

I almost went to bed
without remembering
the four white violets
I put in the button-hole
of your green sweater

and how I kissed you then
and you kissed me
shy as though I'd
never been your lover
- L.C.

115mph, a treehouse in ohio, adderall, agoraphobia, allan schaerges, ambiguity, ambivalence, anthropology, archetypes, articulation, auditing the federal reserve, autumn, barbaric!, behavioral family systems analysis, big black boots, bombay sapphire, brain damage, broderick tower, clear operational definitions, cognitive neuroscience, collaborations, collars, contexts, curiosity, dawn, denver international airport, domination, dr. moye, driving, dropouts, earl grey, egyptian rat screw, emotional intelligence, empty spaces, enough to eat, experts, exploring, faded, feline cerebellar hypoplasia, forget-me-nots, forgetting, frost, geniuses, getting dirty, getting lost, guilt, hard work, hebbian learning, high v/p splits, human motivation, impostor syndrome, insight, intrigue, intuition, k-selection, kittens, lanterns, law, learning disabilities, learning french, leonard cohen, like minded people, linguistics, lonesome dove, lovely, making lists, manowar, mastery, melting, merrill stulberg, mirroring, my bed, my own bustline, neural plasticity, neurolinguistics, new friends, nick cave, nicodemus, no man's land, nonverbal, npd, nvld, object relations, ocd, old flames, old mansions, one step ahead, open 24 hrs., owboo, pattern drafting, plans within plans, potential, practicing piano, precise meaning, pretexts, pride, privacy settings, progression, projective identification, promiscuity, proxemics, psychoanalysis, psychology, psychometrics, rain, refinement, regression, remembering, rest areas, risk, robert hare, rooftops, roommates, rust, sabotage, satire, scowling waitresses, secrets, self-actualization, self-efficacy, sewing, sexual deviance, shame, skin, smirking, smoking, sound logical argument, steampunk, stimulants, storming the gates, story time, stranger music, submission, subtexts, subtlety, surgical precision, systemic risk, the autistic spectrum, this time next year, tiny boxes, twin town, uncertainty, undercurrents, vindication, wabi sabi, wanderlust, westlaw.com, white peonies, wind, your anima